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As already mentioned Eppicard  at the outset, that the function of the press one of which is to meet the information needs of the community. But the real function of the press is not just that, but there are many other functions that among which (Wisdom Kusumaningrat and Purnama Kusumaningrat, 2005: 27-29): 1.Fungsi informative, ie provide information, or news, to the general public in an orderly way. 2.Fungsi control, namely that the press investigating a government job or company. In this function the press must declare what is going well and not going well so what is reported into cover both side. 3.Fungsi interpretive and directive, namely to provide interpretation and guidance. 4.Fungsi entertaining, namely membritakan story funny or fun events to note though is not too important. 5.Fungsi regenerative, which tells how something was done in the past, how the world is run now, how something is accomplished, and what is considered the world is right or wrong. 6.Fungsi guard the rights of citizens, namely guarding and securing personal rights. 7.Fungsi economy, that is to gtefcu  serve the economic system through advertising. 8.Fungsi self, namely that the press has a duty to cultivate their own abilities so that he can free himself from the influences and pressures in the financial field. In addition, the press also has other functions that are not less important, among other things: 1.Fungsi educate, namely that the press a little more give messages about education. 2.Fungsi persuaded, that the press has the power to persuade or seduce listeners, viewers, or pmbicaranya (Wiryawan Day, 2007: 61)