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 Press and journalism is an entity that is engaged in broadcasting information, entertainment, information, and penerangan.Artinya is that between the press and journalism have a close relationship. The press as a medium of mass communication will not be useful if the grain away from the principles of journalism. Instead journalistic work will not be useful without being distributed by the press as a medium, even be said that the press is a special media for use in creating and delivering work of journalism to the public. Journalism is the art and skills of searching, collecting, processing, preparing, and presenting the news about events that occur daily in the beautiful, in order to meet all the needs of the conscience of the audience, so that a change in attitudes, traits, opinions, and behavior in accordance with the will of the audience its journalists.

Adinegoro distinguish Journalism and Publication by the assertion that journalism is a practical skill, while journalism is a scientific intelligence. Astrid S. Susanto defines journalism as events or recording and reporting as well as the dissemination of daily events. Onong Uchjana Effendy stated that journalism is processing activities Daily reports that attract audiences, ranging from covering up the spread to the community. AW Widjaja stated journalism is a communication activity performed by broadcasting news or read reviews about various events or everyday events that actual and factual in time as soon as possible. Djen Amar stated that journalism as an activity to collect, process, and disseminate news to the widest possible audience with as quickly as possible.

Broadly press is a social institution whose activities serve and organize the needs of the human conscience as social beings in their everyday lives. In his organization, the press will involve aspects of the content and consequences of processes that involve communication, both newspapers, radio and television, in its activities as a medium of mass communication, he will present the contents of the newspaper itself or radio broadcast content and / impressions television to audiences. Similarly, as a result of publishing or broadcasting will be included in the aspects of the press activities. Whether it be news, articles, photos, or music and drama, which is played by a radio or television broadcast, he would always bring the changing circumstances in the audience. Such amendment will ultimately produce a public opinion directly or no effect on the livelihood of the audience. Whatever happens, it would be the duty of the press again to broadcast back to the audience.